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Hi, I'm Charles Walter. I'm a software engineer from Phoenix living in Silicon Valley. I used to list my age, but I update this so infrequently it's easier to say I was born in 1970. At the time this was last updated I was fortunate enough to be newly married to the former Miriam Schreiber. I've chosen this domain to reflect my career as a software developer and passion as a distance runner. The latter is quixotic since at 6'7" 205-whatever lbs I'm not built for speed, but I've completed several full and half marathons.

Since 2010 I've worked as a Senior Software Engineer in Air Traffic Management at UARC, which is a collaboration between NASA Ames and UC Santa Cruz. Before that I played a big role at a NoSQL database company for a decade. Before that I was studying to be an astronomer.

Even before that I attended the University of Arizona, where I was a proud member of the Pride of Arizona from 1987-1992. The first two years I was even a proud member. I travelled to exotic places like Tempe, Pasadena, and Long Beach in the never-ending quest to play my trumpet "loud and edgy" while avoiding passage through Mezzoland.

In my spare time I've been a member of a Strat-o-Matic basketball league (SOMIBA) since 1997. Since 2011 I've also been commissioner. The Sunnyvale Stars have made the Final Four on six occasions and the Finals twice but are still searching for their first championship. When they're not breaking my heart I also root for the Phoenix Suns (who often break my heart) and the Arizona Diamondbacks (who in the Kevin Towers era just puzzle and sadden me).

I'm usually available via instant messager throughout the work day.

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Yahoo - bayareasunsfan


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