2009-10 NBA Stats

This application displays many non-traditional stats. Entering 0 for position uses all players. Otherwise choose 1-5 as usual. Positions are assigned by Doug Steele on his wonderful site.
  • PER - developed by John Hollinger to captures a player's overall floor value, normalized to a league average of 15. The league median is typically near 14.0. My calculations can be off by up to 0.3 points from what you may see elsewhere.
  • SFO - taken from a 2005 post by Tim Bollier (Leopard) on the Strat-o-Matic Fan Forum (the thread no longer exists). Used to determine the likelihood of Strat assigning a shooter's rating to a player. The application assumes an offense deemed to be 66% FB.

    Original text:

    SFO = (Shot Frequency-OffReb) per 36 minutes
    1. SOM usually "rates as a 1, 2, or 3 Shooter" at least 2 players per
    2. All these are per 36 minutes figures: (FGA + .5 FTA) - Off Rebounds
    = SFO
    Add 2.0 to SFO for LF/C in a 100 % FB offense
    Add 1.5 to SFO for LF/C in a 66 % FB offense
    Add 1.0 to SFO for LF/C in a 33 % FB offense
    Subtract 1.0 from SFO for RG/LG/RF in a 100 % FB offense
    Subtract 0.5 from SFO for RG/LG/RF in a 66 % FB offense
    If SFO is 15.5-17.4, Player is Rated a 1 Shooter
    If SFO is 17.5-19.4, Player is Rated a 2 Shooter
    If SFO is 19.5+, Player is Rated a 3 Shooter

  • Poss = Rebounds + Steals
  • FT - tries to anticipate a player's ability to get to the line. It is calculated as 0.44*FTA / (FGA + 0.44*FTA) since 0.44 is the generally accepted multiplier to convert free throws to shot attempts.
  • TS% - (true shooting percentage) evaluates a players overall scoring efficiency, taking into account three-pointers made, ability to get to the line, and FT%.
  • PPR - (pure point rating) evaluates a player's ability to create shots for his teammates. Traditionally ast/to has been used, but this tends to favor low-risk players because it downplays the importance of turnovers when compared to assists.